1956: EEIO (Egyptian Engineering & Industrial Office) is established by Fayez Guindi as suppliers for kitchen and medical equipment.

1984: EEIO becomes sole agent of Hoval heating products in Egypt.

1995: EEIOHE (Egyptian Engineering & Industrial Office for Hotel Equipment) is established to specialize in high quality hotel equipment such as Cimbali espresso/cappuccino machines, Scotsman ice-machines, and Bras juice dispensers.

2007: EEIOET (Egyptian Engineering & Industrial Office for Energy Technology) is established as sister company to EEVFG to specialize in heating equipment and turnkey projects.

2009: EEIOET becomes sole agent of Baltur burners in Egypt.

EEIOET offers its clients state-of-the-art products together with high quality installation and consistent servicing. We specialize in turnkey projects bringing environmentally friendly technologies to Egypt such as the use of solar power, and other low carbon emission products. Experts from the companies we represent have trained our staff both in Egypt and at their factories. Our technical team is fully equipped for installation, start-up, and maintenance of our line.

We pride ourselves on being the best of the best.
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